• "Simple, lightweight Waypoint Plotter"
  • "Record locations on-the-go with voice-to-text"
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Outdoorsman's Waypoint Plotter

Outdoorsman's Waypoint Plotter is a simple, lightweight, and easy-to-use tool for recording locations with notes. Add a waypoint with just a couple of clicks, then record a note using voice recognition for minimal typing.

The map includes a bearing indicator with a customizable range radius to easily measure the scale of your surroundings. A measuring tool also provides a quick way to check distance between points of interest on your map.

When you're done, export the files to a text file for easy transport, access, and modification.


• Record waypoints at your current location, at any point on the map, or at manually entered coordinates

• Voice-to-Text recording for location notes

• On-map Bearing Indicator

• Customizable Range Indicator

• Point-to-Point Measurement Tool

• Supports meter, foot, kilometer, and mile distance formats

• Easily Export and Import text files

Sign up for the Alpha Test!

 Send an E-mail to outdoorsmans.waypoint.plotter@gmail.com with the subject "Alpha Tester Application"

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Outdoorsman's Waypoint Plotter is currently in Closed Alpha.

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